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    Black, African, and of immigrant origin in America. How do you manage multiple identities and environments, often at odds with one another, while tending to your mental health? Young adult children of African immigrants have unique experiences as they navigate life in and between ‘mainstream’ American society, Black American, African Immigrant communities and cultures, their parents, families and other spaces. This virtual mental health group is meant to be a space of inclusion for discussing diverse topics, sharing lived experiences- joys and griefs and anything in between. This space will explore coping skills and resources for mental health. Group is available to: current undergraduate students in Michigan who are 1st or 2nd generation American with immigrant/refugee parents from sub-Saharan Africa.

    Groups will be held virtually

    Contact us to find out when the group will resume and to register. Certain health insurance are accepted and waitlist option is available for future sessions. Interested in the group? Have any questions?



    Black women face unique challenges navigating and balancing career, family, relationships and life. Yet the unique experiences of Black women are rarely discussed, and their triumphs are rarely celebrated. Group is available to ALL Black women (inclusive to trans, cis, and genderqueer). YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR EXPERIENCE!

    Topics include impostor syndrome, self-esteem, relationship concerns, family conflict, being an African American woman in predominantly white spaces, life transitions, body image concerns, betrayal trauma, stereotypes, and more. We will utilize journaling, mindfulness and other tools to enhance the group experience.

    In our Sister Soul Space (S3) virtual support group, we seek to provide a community space specifically for Black women to process their unique experiences, work through life challenges, validate mental health struggles and receive support from each other. Please contact our office to learn more about the group,  and to get registration link. Group is free of charge.



    Grieve in Grace is a virtual grief support and grief management group designed to aid and equip individuals along their quest of healing. Participants can expect to learn grief related terminology, how to identify, label and manage their grief, various coping techniques, takeaway resources, and the opportunity to form alliances with likened minds for on-going peer support.

    This will be a safe space to process experiences with an array of grief, such as evident loss related to death and relationships, on into grief via the loss of lifestyle, routine, and normalcy via pandemic related challenges. Please contact our office to learn more about the group, get registration form, and we can determine if insurance will cover, and/or any copays; otherwise, the ongoing group is $30 per group.