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  • Need help after a life altering event?

    Where healing knows no boundaries. Experience the power of true authenticity and resilience with Harmony in Hues Wellness Center.

    "The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

    Harmony in Hues Wellness Center is a multicultural counseling and wellness center dedicated to helping clients reach and achieve fulfilling and balanced living. The therapeutic focus is on the mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to empower you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life and by helping you to discover the inner resources that exist inside of you.

    Some days you wake up with just enough energy to make it through your insecurities, sadness, fears, shame and anger. Other days, you rely on your intuition to manage intense emotions and excessive worries (mood disorders & anxiety). Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, when your worries are persistent, disrupts daily activities, and sabotages your relationships, it’s a signal to identify supports on your journey to wellness. Let’s work to discover ways to emerge stronger, more confident and resilient to face the world.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you through many of your life challenges (trauma mood disorders, anxiety etc.).

    We want to encourage you to lean into the discomfort and vulnerability of the unknown and challenge your fears. We want to assist you with clarifying and understanding your individual struggles, relationship challenges and to learn ways to reach your self-determined goals through meaningful, well-informed choices and the resolution of problems.

    At, Harmony in Hues Wellness Center, attention is given to cultural, racial, and sexual diversity and the issues related to them. This is a safe environment that allows you to learn to be self-aware and mindful of destructive behaviors, feelings and thoughts. We will work together to move you toward a healthier you. –

    We offer mental health workshops, consulting, EMDR consultation, LLMSW supervision (MI), and additional services of immigration evaluations. Our practice has expanded to offer private pay telehealth services for those in KS and TN.

    Harmony in Hues Wellness Center offers affordable immigration evaluations to individuals who are already feeling stressed by the process. Our trauma-informed therapists ensure that they conduct immigration evaluations with care, compassion, and professionalism. By providing these evaluations, we are offering essential evidence in immigration cases. Data shows that these evaluations play a role in increasing the odds of having a favorable outcome to a case.

    We can increase access to this necessary service. And with training for lawyers and those in the legal field, we can make the legal immigration process more approachable and trauma-informed.

    Whoever you are, we are delighted that you are here! Please reach out with any questions at all.

    "You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness"
    - Brene Brown

    Often times during the clinical process, we will identify tools to help improve current level of functioning. There are a number of mental health resources that may be helpful.

    Online Individual Therapy for Adults, Older Adolescents, and Couples are available by utilizing a laptop, ipad, or smart phone to have an online session with therapist while in the privacy of the patient’s home, office, or other private setting. College students, parents who are home-bound, patients with social anxiety can utilize tele-therapy.

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    Harmony in Hues Wellness Center Mission Statement

    Nedra Cannon LCSW LLC which has adopted the doing business name (DBA) of Harmony in Hues Wellness Center was founded by Nedra Cannon, LMSW. Harmony in Hues Wellness Center specializes in working with complex trauma, problems related to racial trauma, sex therapy, imposter syndrome and navigating phase of life concerns. We are dedicated to providing those impacted by racial trauma, generational trauma , and survivors of sexual trauma the highest level of care.

    Our mission is to create an atmosphere based on dignity, inclusiveness and self-awareness that is focused on individual healing and wellness for all, respective of cultural identity.

    We empower all children and adults to become active and productive members of their communities.

    Nedra founded Harmony in Hues Wellness Center for three distinct purposes:

    The first reason was to provide high quality mental health care to people, especially to those under-served populations, who have experienced chronic complex trauma including sexual abuse and assault. She is dedicated to working with therapists who want to provide high level care to women and families who are struggling with the generational passage of trauma. By developing Harmony in Hues Wellness Center, Nedra is working towards high competency mental health services , holistic practices, and integration of medication management aimed to eventually decrease health disparities on a population level. By providing education, resources, and high quality mental health to treat the systemic family problems that lead to higher instances of trauma – the hope is that enough change can be created to reduce the overall instances of mental health stigma, and increase overall whole health.

    The second reason that Harmony in Hues Wellness Center was created was to provide a unit that values the dignity of each individual therapist. It is rooted in Nedra’s spiritual foundations, and the belief that each person has innate value in the world, and unique talents and gifts. Nedra’s mission is to provide an extension of the family that honors her contractors, interns and volunteers. Harmony in Hues Wellness Center promotes a culture that promotes family life, stability, living your purpose , boundary formation, in addition to mental and physical health.

    The third reason is to establish a wellness center that is a safe place for marginalized communities to come for counseling, medication management, and meditation. Furthermore, by creating the wellness center, Harmony in Hues Wellness Center will be leading the way to offer workshops and training related to working specifically with people of color, diversity, equity and inclusion, with a social and racial justice lens.

    Our Vision

    To be leaders in building, empowering, and fostering strong communities where people are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

    Our Values

    Community Connection to Wellness

    • Person-Centered Care
    • Commitment to Persons-Served and Staff
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Compassion and Integrity
    • Innovation and Advocacy

    Harmony in Hues Wellness Center is committed to persons-served and staff and recognizes and values their contributions to our practice and the community at large.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Our practice actively works to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the value and contributions of all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

    Meet Nedra Cannon

    I am the founder and owner of Nedra Cannon and Associates and Harmony in Hues Wellness Center (Nedra Cannon LCSW LLC) and have been in practice for over twenty years. I have worked in mental health settings, hospice, taught bachelors level courses in sociology, as well as been in administration. I am a non-profit founder for a program targeted to support the mental health needs of Black and Indigenous People of Color and Healers of Color.

    What brings me passion and what I know to be true is my call to walk along someone in whatever capacity is needed. Whether you are thinking about counseling for yourself, a loved one or whether you are seeking consultation hours for clinical or macro licensure; whether you are seeking career and/or private practice consultation or whether you are seeking a presenter for your next workshop or retreat… Consider us.

    As a clinician, I believe that in any relationship, there must be a foundation of trust, as well as a sense of your clinician or consultant just “getting you,” whether via a head nod, or reference made that is born out of shared cultural experiences. As a client, you don’t need permission, to address and feel your “feelings.” We go the extra mile to support positive change. It takes courage to face and embrace the unknown.

    As a practice, we have specialized training and certifications in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Sex Therapy, LGBTQ, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy), Grief Therapy, Clinical and Macro MSW Supervision, EMDR Consultation, and Immigration Evaluations.

    We work from a holistic perspective to address the connection between the mind, body and spirit and may collaborate with other treatment providers to ensure you are provided a whole health approach.