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    “Given love, the unloved can become loving.”
    – Bruce D. Perry


    One of the best ways to continue to grow as an EMDR therapist is to develop a strong sense of connection in the EMDR community and to create avenues for ongoing questions and support by participating in a consultation group.  The goal for consultation groups is not only for EMDR trained clinicians to further develop their understanding and implementation of EMDR therapy, but to feel involved in this growing field.

    We offer individual consultation groups, group consultation for clinicians working toward  basic training or certification, groups working toward approved consultant status, and groups that  simply want to engage in ongoing support.

    For EMDR trained clinicians working toward certification, we provide a detailed list of areas that should be understood in each phase, and will work with each consultee in individual consultation to discuss their strengths as an EMDR clinician and work with them to strengthen and grow in any necessary areas.

    Both individual and group consultation are offered in HIPAA compliant video conferencing (Zoom).

    Becoming an emdr certified therapist:

    Becoming an EMDR Certified Therapist involves ongoing work beyond the completion of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training.  The following is the list of certification requirements:

    • Completion of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training
    • Must be licensed as a mental health professional.
    • Notarized Statement of Practice indicating you have practiced in your field in which you are licensed for a minimum of 2 years
    • Must have provided EMDR Therapy to a minimum of 25 clients for a minimum of 50 hours (50 sessions)
    • Must receive 20 hours of consultation from an EMDRIA Approved Consultant or Consultant in Training (at least 5 of those hours must be with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant) and of those 20 hours, at least 10 of the hours must be individual consultation.
    • Provide at least 1 letter of recommendation from your Consultant and at least 2 letters of recommendation regarding your professional utilization of EMDR from colleagues or peers.
    • Participate in 12 hours of EMDRIA Approved Continuing Education (Advanced Trainings)
    • Complete the EMDRIA Application for Certification.


    We offer both individual and group consultation to many clinicians throughout the country.  We offer groups for clinicians that are working toward EMDR basic or certification, and general ongoing EMDR Consultation groups.

    For group consultation the rate is $50 for one hour, with groups of 3-4.

    For group consultation with groups of 6-7, for two hours the rate is $60.

    For consultation in pairs the rate is $40 for one hour, with groups of two.

    For individual consultation, the rate is $100, for one hour and these are scheduled on an individual basis.

    About group consultation:

    • There are options for  Consultation groups for clinicians working toward their EMDR Basic or Certification that meet weekly on various days of the week.
    • Group options meet via Zoom.
    • There are options for one or two hour consultation groups.
    • Some groups are closed groups, others are open.  Closed groups run in a more structured fashion and each meeting builds upon the meeting prior to that, so attendance at all meetings is recommended.

    Consultation for Certification Groups for Clinicians that Specialize in Work with BIPOC populations and specializations in Sex therapy:

    • There are special modifications that are often made in work with bipoc and sex related focus.  These consultation groups discuss those specifics and help clinicians master the art of integrating EMDR therapy into their work.

    If interested, please contact at 517-574-4192 or

    About individual consultation:

    Meet one-on-one for one-hour.

    • We will review your specific cases
    • Discuss case conceptualization
    • Cover advanced application of EMDR therapy
    • Further your understanding of screening for dissociation
    • Deepen understanding of assessing and addressing attachment wounds
    • Ensure appropriate application of all 8 phases of the EMDR therapy protocol.

    Consultation requirements for certification:

    Becoming trained in EMDR therapy requires receiving ten hours of consultation.

    Following completion of EMDR therapy training, it is strongly encouraged that clinicians continue on to become Certified EMDR therapists.

    This involves receiving an additional twenty hours of consultation with an Approved Consultant in addition to their clinical work in addition to other EMDRIA requirements (see above).

    We provides consultation for those therapists who need consultation to complete their EMDR therapy training,  and we welcome clinicians who have been trained through another provider (EMDRIA approved).

    Additionally, we provide consultation for clinicians who have just completed EMDR therapy training and for those who have been utilizing it in their practices and are just seeking to deepen their understanding of it, or for those who are seeking EMDR Certification.

    During consultation for certification, we will review:

    • EMDR protocol
    • Advanced applications of EMDR protocol
    • Addressing Complex PTSD and Dissociation with EMDR protocol
    • Integration of the protocol into specific cases
    • Theoretical context
    • Case conceptualization
    • Target selection and sequencing
    • Proper assessment for EMDR readiness
    • Address any other questions or concerns that arise during EMDR sessions.

    To schedule please follow the link below for groups and for individuals please email EMDR Approved Consultant,  at

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