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    “We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”
    — Whoopi Goldberg



    Our therapists each have their own unique personalities, therapeutic styles and methods of practice. Because of this, we place our clients intentionally with the therapist that will be the right fit. We also understand that you can’t drink from one well and “hope” that it never dries up. When clients need more, or something different, we connect clients to other therapists within our practice. Clients gain additional skills or supports to keep growing, all while maintaining the connection with their primary therapist. This option helps our clients get the best of both worlds. While they develop a long-term, trusting foundation with one therapist, they have the option of working with specialists to address a specific area of need.

    Read more about each of our therapist’s areas of expertise by viewing their profiles below:

    Nedra Cannon LMSW, ACSW, Owner


    I knew that I wanted to be a therapist as early as middle school.  I felt a calling to be of service to others. I was raised all my life around family members who worked in helping professions- educators, pastors, and human service.  I embarked on my own therapeutic journey and what I discovered along the way wasn’t just my true self, but the power of being seen and held with unconditional support and love.

    I started my journey in working with women and children in transition and moved into working with adults and children living with developmental disabilities and severe and persistent mental illness in both office and home settings. I continued my journey working as Faculty for University of Phoenix Bachelors of Human Service, and eventually in Counseling at Michigan State University. My love of helping others placed me back in private practice settings with a passion for working with college students and people of color who’ve experienced trauma. As a mental health professional for over 16 years, my love of helping others is what motivates me to do all that I can to help the patient encounter. I have worked in various clinical and healthcare settings including emergency and crisis intervention, behavioral health centers, clinical and macro level MSW supervision and field liaison and most recent outpatient clinic settings.

    Telicia Patrick, LLMSW


    When asked “What is my ideal client”? My response will always be you! I have an innate passion for people and feel that one’s healing journey should be customized to suit their individual need(s). I take a strength-based person-centered approach to help each client begin to identify/build upon their abilities to overcome obstacles at every stage of life. Upon working together, we will focus on healing holistically, integrating techniques suited for the whole person, aligning spirit, mind, body, soul, and goals.

    I know firsthand from personal and professional experience the value of a safe space to simply be. To dialogue, process, and progress in a transparent judgement free environment. I invite clients from all walks of life and have particular interest in grief related work, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    I have a plethora of varied experiences and an array of resources to share. This is not just a career, but my calling and I believe the one true way to rise is simply by lifting others, so I welcome you to come exactly as you are and I will meet you there. I look forward to learning how I can aid you on this healing journey.

    Angelica Kim, LLMSW

    Everyone is worthy of having their story heard. As a therapist, I want to support your authentic self – that which makes you different from anyone else. Our stories matter – it’s who we truly are. We each have strengths and assets, along with vulnerabilities and areas we could improve. Instead of avoiding the areas that may be bringing us down, I encourage clients to engage in personal growth and exploration.

    When I meet a new client, I acknowledge that you’ve already taken the courageous step of showing up and asking to be seen and heard. I will take the time to hear your story – including your values, strengths, challenges, and help you look deeper within yourself. Showing vulnerability is an opportunity for growth. Vulnerability builds resiliency, hope, and healing. It shows humility and humanity and we can grow from a place of vulnerability.

    With each session, you can expect empathy, compassion, and validation of your life experiences to create a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship. I value mindfulness, reflection, and attunement to your lived experiences. I utilize a holistic approach focusing on the integration of emotional, physical, and one’s innate strength to find their authentic self. I have a passion for each person to find their purpose to live a life of restoration, joy, contentment, and overall wellness in the wholeness of their lives. I will work with you to create a therapeutic approach to help transition from where you are now, to where you want to be.

    My formal training includes a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance and a Master’s degree in Social Work, Graduate Certificate in Social Work Practice with Family & Couples from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Certificate in Organizational Inclusion & Diversity – from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.

    Cyndi Gallegos, LLMSW


    I am aware of the stigma surrounding therapy/mental health in the Latinx community firsthand, which was one of the deciding factors in becoming a therapist. Through therapy, we can establish goals and learn how to overcome barriers to achieve your goals. I strive to provide a safe place for you to start your healing journey. I believe we can all become better versions of ourselves. There are moments in life where you feel depressed, experience anxiety, or go through a rough patch and you need to talk with someone who will listen without judgment. These emotions are part of everyone’s life experiences.

    I am a bilingual native Spanish speaker, daughter of immigrant parents, and the first in my family to attend college and graduate school. My therapeutic orientation is person-centered, psychodynamic, and trauma-informed, but I have experience in the utilization of cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and solution-focused approach.

    I specialize in working with first-generation professionals, imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I would be honored to begin this journey with you.

    Chey Davis, LLMSW, Life Coach


    Context is key. And most of us have not been given the time or the skills to understand many of the forces that have profound effects on our lives. While your feelings are real/valid/happening to you now, there are experiences, history, culture and society to contend with.  Each of these things can have a profound effect on your sense of wellness.

    We can work together to:

    • gently untie knots,
    • rewrite rules that no longer support you,
    • work through depression and anxiety,
    • get support with ADHD,
    • gender affirmation,
    • support you through parenting and family concerns, and
    • create a sense of wellbeing at work.

    She is open to new clients. Chey has been an Associate Professor of English at Delta College in University Center, Michigan, for a number of years and brings with experience with higher education. She specializes in teaching social justice under the guise of English. Chey is the author of one chapbook, Collection, with BiteMarks Press, and is a member of the Broken Nose Collective.

    “I work with a trauma informed, gender and sexuality affirming lens. You are welcome to our time together as your fullest self, always.  I enjoy working with children and teenagers, and college students especially. I also enjoy working with adults as individuals and in couples. I am glad you are reaching out for the support you deserve. “ – Chey

    Why some people choose private pay/life coaching-

    One of the many reasons why private payment options work well in the private practice setting is because some clients may lose their health insurance after treatment has begun. Receiving private payments allows clients the option to continue services, instead of leaving our practice and finding a new provider who does take their insurance. Another reason, some clients may not want others to know they are receiving services, some for privacy reasons, safety reasons, and even stigma.

    • No insurance equals less documentation. This results in more quality time to focus on treatment.
    • Mental health diagnosis is not mandatory and not submitted to your private health records.
    • More services are allowed without restrictions such as online counseling and tele-counseling.
    • No limit on amount of sessions or time of your session.
    • You are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.
    • Stigma of some diagnoses can often be avoided.
    • Private pay clients are able to choose the focus, duration, and frequency of treatment . You are even allowed to choose the length of sessions.
    • Research shows that clients who have to pay something for their treatment have more positive outcomes that those who receive free treatment.
    • Sliding scale rates can be offered to clients paying private pay. This means that privately paying clients can actually pay less than those who pay with insurance.
    • You or your child won’t be labeled with a mental health diagnosis unless you request this type of assessment.

    Contact our office to schedule your Life Coaching sessions!


    Life Coaches

    Royce Jones, LLPC, CBT Life Coach


    Royce Jones is a native of Lansing, MI and father of two beautiful daughters (Gabrielle & Madison). Royce served 14 years in the US Navy, has a BS in Business Management and an MBA. He frequently mentors’ students and faculty at local high schools and advocates for his community. Nedra Cannon and Associates is happy to have Royce join us to provide Life Coaching to adolescents and adults as well as co-facilitate DBT informed skills group to African American adolescent males.

    He is a long-standing board member with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). It was in serving his country, and local community that Royce found his calling in helping individuals discover the importance of maintaining their mental wellness. His slogan, “Your mental health is your wealth” is geared to educate the community in topics concerning mental health while removing the stigma. Royce communicates his message through a series of posts titled Mental Wealth 101: where he educates his audience on topics on mental health. Royce is currently finishing his Master’s Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He educates youth on social and emotional intelligence and is an advocate for promoting mental health within the community. He gives mental health and motivational talks on a monthly basis to students and staff at Michigan Works for the GED program. His message of hope for the world is “Our Futures Power Is in Our Present Youth,” and “You repeat what you don’t repair!” Royce understands that without God in his life nothing he does would be possible.

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